I have been a licensed real estate agent and investor since 2002. My father became a Realtor since 1978 (before I was born) and I was surrounded by real estate my entire life. I remember sleeping under my dad’s desk when I was three while he worked tirelessly in the office.

How I Got Started in Real Estate

Surprisingly, or maybe not, I never wanted anything to do with real estate. I wanted to create my own path. I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in business finance in 2001. I could not find a job that was appealing to me so I reluctantly decided to work with my father part-time in real estate. Many years later I am sure glad I got into the real estate business!

Even though I had help getting started in real estate, I did not find success until I was in the business for five years. I tried to follow my father’s footsteps, which did not mesh well with me. I was helping him flip the occasional house and selling a handful of houses a year as an agent. I was trying to be a traditional agent like he was, but it was not a great fit for me.

My real estate resume

    University of Colorado Business Degree with an Emphasis on Finance 2001

    Licensed real estate broker for 17 years (licensed in 2002)

    Flipped more than 180 houses

    Bought and own more than 20 rental properties

    Sold More than 1,000 houses (my team, brokerage and as an agent)

    Founder of Trident Realty

    Written 7 paperback real estate books

    Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council

The Trident story

I started Trident in March 2016 and the primary objective was to provide information on investing in long-term rentals. I was not a writer at any time in my life until I started this blog. In fact, I had not written anything besides a basic letter since college. Readers who have been with me from the beginning may remember how tough it was to read my first articles with all the typos and poor grammar (I know it is still not perfect!). If you’d like to know more, send us a message here.

The blog provides articles on financing, finding, buying, rehabbing and renting rental properties. The blog also talks about my fix and flips, advice for real estate agents, and many other real estate related topics.